Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet, Sweet, Donations

Our students sometimes have to buy their Summer Reading Books and some students prefer to buy the class novels that are assigned in English. The English Department chair asked me to come up with a way to encourage the students to donate these book to the library. Maybe a prize if they donate their Summer Reading book, she suggested. I have thought about this for about 6 months. I could see giving a prize or reward every time a student donated a book could get pricey. After many months of pondering, here is my idea. If a student donates a classroom novel or their Summer Reading book their name goes in the hat once for every book they donate. In May I will randomly draw a name from the hat for what we are calling a “Dessert Party Lottery”. The winner of the Lottery will pick the dessert of their choosing from a menu provided by Lucy and I. The winner may invite 5 of his or her friends to join them for this treat. The notices went out 3 days ago and I have already had 11 books donated.

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  1. Well, we have a winner. We drew for the private dessert party on May 2, and we have a happy winner. She will be sharing Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, with 5 of her friends. We only had 16 books donated, but that is 16 more than we had before. Plan to do this twice next year, at the end of each semester.