Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spicing It Up For Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month
Sept. 15th – Oct. 15th

Here is the plan. On a recent trip to Texas, my niece took me shopping at Central Market (a really nice, upscale grocery store). My mission was to come up with an idea for a Tasting for Hispanic Heritage Month. I was playing around with the idea of Horcha (a rice drink). I found this already made in a box near the soy and rice milk so I bought one. I picked up a big box of Galletas Marias Cookies as a possibility. The cookies are like an animal cracker in a wafer form. In the end I decided on Trechas' Chili Salt that is sometimes sprinkled on fruit. I bought a bottle of powder and one of liquid and we will serve it on apple wedges. Food is always a good attention getter with teenagers and I love the idea of exposing them to something new. I will be using the pre-made chili salt in the bottles that I bought, but I Googled and found many recipes to make your own Chili Salt. I will post pictures and comments to let you know if my idea was Grandioso or not. Forgot to mention, there will be a 50 cent fee for the tasting, just to cover our costs. Anyone else have any nifty ideas to celebrate this month?