Sunday, February 6, 2011

"You can't be In COMPETITION with the Cafeteria" .

Lucy and Ethel hear it a lot. I was sitting in a session at NCSLAMA this year, listing to a speaker tell us how her library cafe was shut down. And then it hit me, "Why do we have to be in competition with the Cafeteria, why not partners?" We came home and had a meeting with the head of Child Nutrition, and he loved the idea. He is buying us furniture, a hot water dispenser and other things. We will start by having "The Knight's Cafe" open from 7:30 through 1st bell each morning. We will sell hot chocolate, juice, fruit and muffins. All money goes back to the cafeteria :( , but we feel that it will generate more traffic into the Library and have that Barnes and Noble feel. They get the money, but we get free furniture, rugs and he said he might buy us the 2 treadmills we want. Treadmills, that's another blog, I'm just full of ideas.