Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yippee!! New Post! New Idea! Bookmobile!

Hello, followers--excuse our tardiness in providing a new post--those of you at a high school know how hectic the beginning and ending of school can be.

So, here is our new idea--we have been truly agonizing over the loss of our patrons this year--due to circumstances beyond our control. Students have less free time, hall visits are nil, lunch times are shortened,English teachers are in trailers, etc. But I have a lovely book budget, and new books arriving daily. We have a great collection. So, Ethel and I decided last week we would have to take the library to the students. We have a cart we were given when they were discarded from a local store. I placed a nice selection of books on it, and off I went to the trailers last Friday. We brought it back--Ethel decorated it. I went back to the trailers. I logged into Destiny in the classroom, and checked in and out books right there! I can't say I checked out tremendous numbers, but it was more than we have been checking out throughout the day. Check out our pictures!

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