Friday, March 13, 2009

Did you know, March 14 is “National Potato Chip Day”

I am reposting this blog post from last year. Today we had the Potato Chip Tasting and it went great. Twenty-six teachers and students joined in on the fun. As you can see in the picture, I made a grid on a sheet of paper and under each chip the students found the type/flavor. The cost was 50 cents. For 50 cents, they received 12 potato chips and a bottle of water. The cost of the event was around $43.00.

Well, Lucy and Ethel are way too busy this year to pull it off, but next year we will be having a Potato Chip tasting on National Potato Chip Day. We've had the idea of a Potato Chip Tasting for a while now. The idea came from my husband, Fred. A couple of years ago Fred decided to have a Potato Chip tasting party at our house, similar to wine tasting.

He ordered 12 different (you might say odd) potato chips from Tims Cascade Snacks and set them around the house in bowls with numbers on them. Party goers had a card with two columns. One column was numbered 1-12, the other had a list of all the chips' names. They were to taste the chips and match the number of the chips with the correct name. After the tasting we had lots of sandwich fixings and party goers made a sandwich, and well, we had plenty of chips to go with the sandwiches.

At school I will probably not do the sandwich part just have the tasting. That will keep the cost down. This tasting will have a small cost due to the fact that chips are not cheap. We will also sign up in advance and limit the number of participants so we can better plan. I am posting this over a year in advance from when we plan to have this event. If anyone tries it this March please, please, let us know how it goes and give us feed back and tips for success.

P.S. I want to give a shout out to Fred, who just happens to be my husband and the Director of Media and Technology for our school system. Fred is very supportive of Lucy and Ethel schemes for the most part. I think we scare him on occasion.

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  1. This is also Pi Day so you could really have a feast! What a great idea.