Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We’re Calling it Coloring Therapy

Here’s the deal-- I was unpacking something and it had 4 nice big sheets of paper in it, you know the kind of paper we use to draw on in 1st grade. I called out to Lucy, “Hey I have an idea--let’s put this paper out on the tables at lunch and just let the students color.” And that’s what we did. I taped the paper down on the tables and set out colored pencils. Made a sign that said “Let’s Color”. The students took over from there--during most lunches I had a small group around the tables coloring and laughing. And I feel better that I got one more use out of the packing paper before throwing into the landfill.

Lucy says: and no one colored or wrote anything inappropriate!!

P.S. Coloring Therapy is a real thing.

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