Saturday, March 15, 2008

We Check-Out Balls--To Those Who Need Them

No pun intended, well... yes the pun was intended. But we really do check-out balls. The students can come in at lunch and check-out a soft football, kush ball, or juggling balls. We also have bubbles and a set of indoor horseshoes for check-out. Our Library opens up into the school's courtyard, where there is nothing but grass and concrete. Last year some of the boys brought there own football and accidentally hit someone with it. Then we had a rule that you could not throw balls in the courtyard. The boys were sad and bored, to the point I saw them throwing wadded up paper balls. So I went to the Principals and asked about the soft balls. They agreed, and that's the story of how the Library checks out balls to those who need them.

P.S. We tape barcodes on a sheet of paper with the ball type and color beside it. Then we just scan the paper for check-out. All bubbles, balls, etc. are due back in the Library at the end of each lunch. We do not have any problems with them returning items. We do lose a lot of balls on the roof of the school.

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