Friday, November 30, 2007

Curing the Overdue blues..Lucy and Ethel's December scheme

We have quite a few overdue books because we circulate a LOT of books! To bring them in, Ethel came up with two successful ideas--we used them last year, and they do work! We have a contest each nine weeks where we randomly draw a class--the first class we draw with no overdue books wins a party of some kind. Last nine weeks, we drew through third bell classes, and the class won a ice cream float party. This nine weeks we are drawing for a Christmas party catered by us (we are doing hot-dogs). We have had a huge response to this--it is in the announcements, and kids are renewing more than ever! We also are having a contest called the 12 Days of Christmas. It starts December 5th, and runs 12 days prior to getting out of school. Each day we randomly pick a student name, and if that student does not have an overdue book, they get to come to the library and pick out a prize from our prize box (which we replenish with Dollar Tree items and Target's dollar items). Yes, sometimes we do pick a student who has never checked out a book, but it was rare last year, and the student did have to come through our doors to claim the prize. The winner's name is announced each day on the loudspeaker as well! They loved it!

Contest Flyer

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