Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bringing kids into the LMC--with a Slam Board

Remember back in the day when we had Slam books--those composition books that had one question per page, and you wrote your favorite singer, or cutest boy, etc. on each page? Well, Ethel adapted this idea to our media center board, and it is a hit! We have an blackboard our reading area. We've made it a slam board--each day we are posting a different question, and the students run in to put up an answer (using sidewalk chalk)! So far our questions have been: what is your favorite candy? what superhuman power would you want? who is your favorite teacher? what makes you LOL? what's your middle name?

Lucy and Ethel firmly believe that if we get students to love coming to the media center, we'll eventually get a book or magazine in their hands!


  1. Would love to see a picture.

  2. I love this idea! Do you post your slam board on a small easel or a large bulletin board? I can't wait to try this at the HST LMC!! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Kalani LaFrancis

  3. We have posted a photo--we actually got this board when they replaced these boards with whiteboards in classrooms--we grabbed 2 of them before they left the building--one for my office (where we post our library/lab schedule), and one for the student area. Before the slam board, we drew a giant sudoku puzzle on it that we changed daily.

    We are amazed how much fun the kids are having with this.

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  5. I would like to give credit to the Blog "Gargoyles Loose in the Library" for the Slam Board. I read a post on this High School Library's Blog and adapted it to the Slam Board.

    A few more questions that were a hit.
    What's your biggest fear?
    Which song gets stuck in your head?
    Which High School subject will most benefit you in the future?
    Which band would you love to tour with for one month?