Friday, January 14, 2011

Booky Nooks, part II.

We are loving our Nooks! My video is a little dated, but I thought it would be helpful for some of you. To read about Kathy Parker's experience with Kindles, go here . At Buffy Hamilton's site (see earlier post), I found Buffy Hamilton's persmission slip that she had credited to Kathy. I asked Kathy for permission to base mine on hers. So far, the Nooks are loaded with these books:
The Scorch Trials
Gone (Grant)
Clockwork Angel
Little Women
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Maze Runner
Torment (Kate)
Queen of the Mountain
Kidnapped (Stevenson)
The Fiddler's Gun
The Good Thief
Girl, Stolen
A Christmas Carol
All We Know of Heaven
The Morgue and Me
Pride and Predjudice
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
Rules of Attraction

I am adding more titles soon!

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  1. LOVE the name of your blog site!! I Love Lucy was a family favorite of ours. I still watch it as often as I can.
    Thanks for the shout out & the link to my blog!
    Best to you with your Nook Adventures!
    Kathy Parker