Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How To Get The Books Back

Do you have a problem with overdues and sometimes wonder what to do? Well Lucy and Ethel certainly do. We thought long and hard to come up with a way to reward good behavior and not to reward and reinforce negative behavior. Here is what we came up with. Once every nine weeks we have a random drawing. We are looking for a class with no overdue books. The first class we find with no overdue books wins a reward party. All classes that were drawn and did not win because of overdue books are read this notice. "Good News and Bad News. This proclamation is to inform the class of ________, that your class was the (what ever # the class was drawn) class to be drawn for the (we state the reward) for No Overdue Books Reward. Unfortunately, this class has (state the # of overdues in class, just the # not their names) student/students with overdue books. The next reward will be (state a date)." This has worked pretty well for us. We has had more students checking to see when books are due and renewing. The day of the drawing we make an announcement during class time telling them they only have 30 more mins. to turn in overdues before we draw. This bring in a ton of overdue books. (Isn't it amazing how many student have the overdue book with them at school and still do not turn them in, until you ask them for the book). And it does hurt that Lucy and Ethel give darn good reward parties. I will list a few: Pancake Breakfast, Ice Cream Floats, Christmas Party Luncheon, Hot Chocolate with Homemade Marshmellows. We would love to heard your thoughts on overdues.

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