Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spicing It Up For Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month
Sept. 15th – Oct. 15th

Here is the plan. On a recent trip to Texas, my niece took me shopping at Central Market (a really nice, upscale grocery store). My mission was to come up with an idea for a Tasting for Hispanic Heritage Month. I was playing around with the idea of Horcha (a rice drink). I found this already made in a box near the soy and rice milk so I bought one. I picked up a big box of Galletas Marias Cookies as a possibility. The cookies are like an animal cracker in a wafer form. In the end I decided on Trechas' Chili Salt that is sometimes sprinkled on fruit. I bought a bottle of powder and one of liquid and we will serve it on apple wedges. Food is always a good attention getter with teenagers and I love the idea of exposing them to something new. I will be using the pre-made chili salt in the bottles that I bought, but I Googled and found many recipes to make your own Chili Salt. I will post pictures and comments to let you know if my idea was Grandioso or not. Forgot to mention, there will be a 50 cent fee for the tasting, just to cover our costs. Anyone else have any nifty ideas to celebrate this month?


  1. Last year for El Dia de los Ninos/El Dia de los Libros (end of April) we read Holy Mole, by Caroline McAlister and then we had a Mole tasting.
    The kids at my school are 87% Hispanic, so mole wasn't anything new for them, but lots of them commented on my cooking abilities! Some people said it tasted just like their grandmother's mole (ha ha, abuelita and I must use the same jar of mole sauce!)
    I took a largish package of chicken thighs and stuck them in the crockpot with a jar of Dona Marie mole sauce and water and cooked it overnight...then served it with tortilla chips. It was a huge hit! I think I gave a taste to about 200 kids for around $20.

  2. We feel our Hispanic Heritage Month Tasting was a great success. We had 21 to stop by for the tasting. This was so easy to set up and do. Some who joined us talked about last years tasting of Sweet Potato Pone, and a few ask what we would be tasting next month. The answer to that is: The next tasting is in November for Native American Month (Indian Fry Bread). We will be cooking Pancakes in Oct. for a class that has no over due books.

  3. This made me so hungry!!!! I'm glad you had some success with this. Wish I could have been there to sample some of this! :)

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