Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spa Day! Lunch Time Treat In the Library

Sometimes, I think we look for the impossible and try and make it happen, IN THE LIBRARY. Lucy & Ethel’s latest scheme was to let the students sign up for Self-Pedicures. The students that signed-up got to bring their lunch in and relax in our Lunch Time Spa. They loved it!

Here is how it worked.

We had a sign-up with 40 spots for self – pedicures

(2 people per lunch, 4 lunches per day, for 5 days)

We only had 17 to sign-up, but of this 17, five were boys. All who participated seemed to have a great time. Now, other students who did not sign up, want to know if we will be doing it again.

We set up the Professional Library like a spa with the following

2 foot baths (loaned to us from teachers)

2 metal pedicure sets (from the Dollar Store)

40 nail files (2 packs from the Dollar Store) (students kept files)

Bag of Cotton balls (from the Dollar Store)

Nail polish remover (donated)

Lotion (donated)

Corn starch packing peanuts for toe spreaders (donated)

Pedicure Book (We bought at Amazon)

Towels (lots of towels) (from my house)

Barbersol (that blue disinfectant you see at the Beauty Shop) (donated)

Lysol (to spray foot baths between students)

Nail Polish-around 50 bottles (donated from a Librarian at the Middle Store)

30 cup coffee maker (to heat up water for foot baths)

Big Plastic bucket (to dump water in between students)

Eucalyptus Leaves (for floating in foot baths) (donated)

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