Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football!

This idea came from Ricky. He said we should have a paper football tournament in the Library. We did, and we called it the Intramural Paper Football Tournament. This took very little time to set-up.
Here is how we set it up:
• Made a student signed-up sheet for their lunch bell (we have 4 lunches).
• Made a play-off chart with brackets.
• Set up tables and ran a strips of painters tape down the middle for the 50 yard line.
• Made paper footballs out of neon paper. (Very easy to see.)
• Made field goal post out of a string of yarn tied around 2 full 12oz bottles of water.
• Set up a computer with an on-line stop watch.
• Read the rules of how to play and flipped a coin to see who would kick-off & who would receive.

We played during lunches until we had a winner from each lunch, then we moved the game to 8 am before school. At 8 am busses have arrived and the tardy bell does not ring until 8:20. So winner of 1st lunch plays winner of 2nd lunch & 3rd lunch winner plays 4th lunch winner. Then the next morning at 8am we had the final playoff for school champion of paper football. That student won a $4.00 Nerf football.

Things we will do better next time:
We will ask the PE dept. for student score keepers and a referee for each table. It was too much for Lucy and Ethel to do with sometimes 3 games going on at once. Plus the Library was still open and we had to keep running up to check out books. We will spread tables out and have a computer stop watch for each table so that games can start at different times.

Above and Beyond:
We only had 14 participates, so I gave each participate a small gator-aide and two fun size candy bars during the lunch time games. This was a surprise to students, they were not told they would get snacks at sign-up or I would have had students signing up just for treats. We told them we were carb loading before the big game. We had hoped for more students to sign-up. After other students walked in an watched I think we will have a bigger turn-out if we do this again.

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  1. I know we will be using some of your ideas so I thought I should share one that has worked well for us.
    We have a collection of games (Scrabble, checkers, chess, Jenga, Uno, Candyland, Monopoly, Battleship, Operation, etc.) that students may check out to use during their lunch periods. We keep check out simple – a card in a pocket that the student gives us along with a student ID to be returned when the game is brought back.
    The biggest hit however is Cornhole Toss. A teacher gave us the platforms and bags. We have regular groups that come in every day – and go into shock if someone else gets there first! It has led to some nice mixing of groups of students who might not have met otherwise. The students occasionally organize “tournaments” with other groups or the other lunch shift.
    Because it is so popular – students have even asked to borrow it for tailgating parties before our football games – we are having our carpentry class make additional platforms that we will check out; the Library is buying the regulation-weight bean bags. Directions for playing and making the platforms can be found at