Friday, February 1, 2008

Portable DVD players in the Media Center

We have teachers who show educational DVDs in their classrooms. Often, they have at least one student who is absent on the day of the showing, and they'd send this student to us to watch the DVD. Ethel and I got a little tired of pulling out our huge TV/DVD player on its tremendous cart and setting it up for one child. So, I had a little money in the coffers and Ethel and I did a supply run on the local Walmart. For around $112.00, I bought a portable DVD player, and today, it was called in to use! It worked like a charm--the student had her own set of earplugs, we popped the DVD in, and she plopped down on one of our comfy chairs! She really seemed to enjoy the experience, and the little DVD player was a whole lot easier to set up!!! By the way, I bought a Durabrand 10" portable DVD player. It totally rocks!

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