Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lucy, Ethel, and environmental awareness

Lucy and Ethel try to model sound environmental practices to our high school students and faculty. We run recycled paper through our printers (we did warn our faculty that we were doing this). We took apart our vertical files (gasp), and reused the paper in it, even though some of it was 15 years old. We found a site we'd like to share with our fellow media folks, as it contains a fundraising idea-selling reusable grocery bags, an idea we really like. Check out the ChicoBags fundraiser site by clicking here. You'll also find a shopping site there as well--Ethel has tried and uses their green bags for produce. She gives them high marks. I am going to purchase 1 reusable bag for each family member for Christmas! We are waiting to hear from ChicoBags --we'd like to sell them to make a little money for the library--and to educate our students along the way!

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